General Information

Alegria Tango Marathon

Start date: 6/4/2020
End date: 6/7/2020
Last day to book: May 31 2020 - 200 max  

Our venues are cozy and house 200 - 250 max.  We cannot Guarantee gender balance but we try our best to achieve it . We do not turn anyone away, limit participation, nor discriminate in any way based on gender or lead/follow preference. Neither do we offer pricing incentives based on gender or lead/follow preference. We treat everyone equally. Consequently, the gender ratio for this Marathon mirrors that of the tango community overall, with slightly more women than men.   We secure comfort and joy throughout the event and it is worth a try.  

“Who is Coming” List: Unless you email me and instruct me otherwise, I will include your name and city in the online "Who's Coming" list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of dancing can I expect?

The level of dancing will be very good. The average participant will have between five and ten years of experience dancing and studying Argentine tango. All styles of social Argentine tango are welcome. 

Is there a minimum level of experience required to participate?

Yes. Because of the overall level of dancing and the crowded floors, a certain level of experience and skill in Argentine social tango is required. To participate in this, or any major festival, you should be at a solid intermediate or above level in your dancing. For most people this means about three years of consistent group classes, private classes, and frequent social dancing. 

What level of floor craft can I expect?

We like to distinguish our event with a well-mannered, super-friendly dance floor. In fact, the most praised aspect of our first events in past years  was the wonderful level of order and good will on the floor. 

I hope you will join us this year in setting the bar for a friendly, orderly floor even higher. If you are unfamiliar with some of the finer points of floor craft here is a link to more detailed points (Tango Floor Craft & Etiquettes)

Will there be any tango performances?

The strong emphasis of this Marathon is social dancing, not performance. The only performance will be by our guest teachers the dance lasting  3 songs during a brief break on Saturday midnight .

What is included in the full Marathon pass?

All Milongas pass, brunch meal /beverages on Fridays Saturday and Sunday  , discount coupons to some of local restaurants for Saturday night dining.

What can you tell me about the tango community in Hartford?

Tango has been thriving here for since 2006. There are many very experienced dancers and many newer dancers. The most common remark I hear about our tango community is how friendly and welcoming it is. We like to add you to this year's significant joyful experiences.

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