Guest Teachers/DJs/Musicians

Marcela Duran,

Internationally acclaimed as a master teacher, also the iconic performer of the Broadway show Forever Tango . She has increased viewers’ interests in learning the tango through her presence and style, and is an influential mentor of many Argentine Tango teachers and social dancers worldwide. She and her partner, Carlos Gavito, developed an unique and dramatically close tango embrace in which both dancers leaned forward against each other.

Marcela’s first connection with the tango was through her father, a bandoneon player, in the tango orchestras in Rosario, Argentina, where she was born. She has worked as a dance teacher for the Argentine Government, specializing in modern dance and tango. She started to dance the tango in 1988 at Salon Canning. She has spent many years walking the tango and dancing with the great milongueros of that time and has absorbed and learned the essence of tango.

Following her dreams to spread the tango around the world, she came to San Francisco to perform with Forever Tango in 1994. She also performed at the Strand Theatre in London in 1995 where she partnered with the legendary milonguero Roberto “Alemán” Tonet. Subsequent to her engagement with the show in England, she danced for ten years with Carlos Gavito performing two classics of the show: “S.V.P” and “A EVARISTO CARRIEGO”. With Gavito, Marcela performed for the series, Evening At The Pops, with the Boston Pops Orchestra broadcast by PBS. She was part of the original cast members at the Broadway premier of Forever Tango at the Walter Kerr Theatre in June 1997 when the show was nominated for the Tony Awards and Drama Desk Awards for Best Choreography. Marcela performed at the Spoleto Festival in Italy and toured through USA, Canada, Europe and Asia with the show. She has also performed at the Colon Theatre Opera House in Buenos Aires in 1999. In 2000, she became the World Champion of the Dance Sport Championship (International Dance Organization) on Argentine Tango.

She and Gavito taught Argentine Tango together, around the world for ten years, sharing their passion for dancing. They were the perfect example of how one can dance the tango on stage without losing the essence of this popular and beautiful art form.

She was also a member of the cast in the Broadway Production of Forever Tango at the Shubert Theatre in 2004 and at the Walter Kerr Theater in 2013. During the period of her association with the show she has performed and taught in 100 cities around United States, Canada, Italy, Portugal, England, Greece, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Shanghai, Mexico, Central and South America.

Among all the reviews and comments on her remarkable career, a phrase from the review of the San Francisco Chronicle on December 24, 2010 on her performance with Forever Tango, immortalize her name as one of the Great Divas on the History of Tango.

”The patina of a great tango dancer can be found in the remarkable Marcela Duran. With her partner, they are the least sensational couple on stage, yet they’re almost worth the price of admission.”

Marcela currently lives is Lexington, KY. She teaches regularly in her hometown, in Cincinnati, Ohio and at Festivals in the United States and the World.

Oscar Casas

Oscar Casas grew up in Buenos Aires, breathing tango. His father was a Milonguero who organized Milongas in Parque Patricios, a tango barrio in Buenos Aires. Oscar is a well-known figure in the Milongas of Buenos Aires.Oscar has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching. He is very Milonguera, and is highly respected by the old guard in the Milongas of BA. He also is extremely popular with his students, who are impressed by his teaching style. He teaches with energy and humor, emphasizing concepts, specializing in improvisation always interpreting the music and respecting the character of the different orchestras. He is especially interested in the dynamics and cadencia of the dance. Everything he teaches is applicable to crowded Milonga

Diego Santana

Diego is a Florida base Tango performer, choreographer and dance teacher. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, Diego’s dancing and teaching techniques are well-known for its creativity and enlightening.In his 15 plus years dancing Tango, Diego’s creativity, extraordinary musicality and interpretation have helped him become one of the greatest Uruguayan Tango exponents. His style shows an indescribable interpretation of Traditional Tango, New Tango and Tango Vals. Diego has been characterized in the floor for his ingenious and heart-felt interpretation of the Milonga genre.He has traveled to Tango Festivals and studied with many world renown instructors. Always working to improve his style; In a constant learning and research with teachers as “Chicho” Mariano Frumboli, Sebastian Arce, Gustavo Naveira, Hommer Ladas, Esteban Cortez, Omar Correa, Aoniken , Alejandra Martinian among others. Diego also took part in the documentary about the “The Cumparsita” produced by Isabel Infantosi, the granddaughter of Matos Rodriguez.Diego has performed at Tango dancing companies in Florida and New York. Recently, he performed at an Andrea Boccelli concert for a US network television program. He participated in the recent Puerto Rico Isabela Tango Fest as a performer and teacher. He participated as Milonga DJ at the Chicago Tango Festival, Louisville Tango Festival, Charlotte Tango Mio Milonga, Puerto Rico Isabela Tango Fest among others.Diego’s traveling workshops concentrates in the dancing technics. Many students have mentioned that they always find that ‘Aha moment’ in his classes. His traveling workshops have been invited in; Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, Il; New York, NY; and extensively throughout Florida.He has also been hired as main choreographer for shows such as Tango Obsession, Romeo & Juliette / Tango Hip Hop, and at Emilio Estefan’s New Miami Symphony Concert Series’ performance with Gabrielle Anwar, actress from the movie Scent of a Woman.In 2012 Diego accepted to represent well-known Argentinean Tango shoes brand Raquel Shoes in the U.S. working directly with designer and business owner Raquel herself.

Live Music By …..

Volco  & Gignoli friday night

           Argentinian composers Sebastian Volco and Pablo Gignoli started working together in late 2000s in Buenos Aires. In 2012, they moved to France where they formed the duo Volco & Gignoli. The duo, which performs their own compositions and arrangements of famous rock, jazz and tango songs, brings together two different worlds : rock and jazz fusion on one hand (Sebastian Volco is the director of the psychedelic rock/world/free jazz band Orquesta Metafísica) and contemporary tango on the other (Pablo Gignoli is the director of the neo tango orquestra TAXXI Tango XXI and a former participant of Orquesta Típica Fernandez Fierro).

         The duo has given hundreds of concerts in France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal and United States on a variety of stages including Centre Georges Pompidou, Maison Radio France, Tarbes Tango Festival, Albi Tango Festival, Tango Roots Festival, Berlin Tangoloft, Cafe Ada (Wuppertal), Haus de Sinne (Berlin), Berlin Contemporary Tango Festival, Tango Millieu (Hannover) and many others.

         Since 2018, Volco & Gignoli have been wokring with the founders of Gotan Project Muller and Makaroff as participants of the new modern tango group Plaza Francia Orquesta. On several occasions they have shared the stage with famous French singers : Catherine Ranger (Volco & Gignoli) and Benjamin Biolay (Pablo Gignoli).

TANGHETTO Saturday night 

The Orchestra that has played in the most important tango festivals of the world, as well as in some iconic venues like the Lincoln Center in NYC, The O2 Arena in London and many others is celebrating 15 years.

Tanghetto​ is the pioneer among the pioneers in fusing the nuevo tango of Buenos Aires with electronic and organic sounds and revitalizing the concept of “Neotango”.

Three Latin Grammy nominations, two-time winners of the Gardel Award (nominated 7 times in a row since 2009) The band continues to surprise its audience with their powerful audiovisual show and innovative studio works.

Tanghetto released nine studio albums (many awarded with gold or platinum status in Argentina), and is currently promoting their new live album “VIVO en Buenos Aires”.Tanghetto has a special milonguero set made specially for milongas and tango dancers.

The Facts

  • Tanghetto is the most important neo / electrotango band in the world that is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city that is both the origin and center of the global tango scene.

  • Two-time Gardel Award winners (the Gardel is the most important musical award of the Argentine music industry). Furthermore, the group received several nominations, including three for the Latin Grammys in the USA and seven for the Gardel Awards.

  • Tanghetto can make you dance, They have played in all the major Tango Festivals of the world.● Multi-platinum status. Almost every studio release from Tanghetto has reached platinum or gold in Argentina.

  • Played and toured in more than 150 cities in 25 countries worldwide.

DJ List

Diego Santana

Muna Swairjo

Muna Swairjo, is from the Hartford, Connecticut area. She is a dancer, DJ and dance Teacher at the Garage Dance Studio in New Britain, Conn . She received the Organizer’s Torch of Hartford Argentine Tango Society 5 years ago and it has been her path.She is one of the new generation of traditional Tango DJ in Connecticut and have been a DJ at Milongas nationally and internationally for past 6 years, including last year at the Chicago Mini Tango Festival.Tango is her passport to travel the world as a dancer, which flavored her styles as a DJ to appeal to all ears and souls of tango dancers. She constantly evaluates the energy of the dance floor to keep it healthy and fun throughout the night. Did we say she loves to spice up the night with unique cortinas?

Andy Stein, Newport News, VA

My wife Olimpia and I have been hosting weekly milongas, practicas and lessons since 2010. I have been the DJ at my own events, our Tango Marathons and Encuentros since 2015 and other local milongas. My music selection is golden age traditional, 1935-1955.

Rodrigo Saraibe

Rodrigo “DJ Charrua” Saraibe, originally from Uruguay, studied sound and light engineering in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Rodrigo has been working as a sound engineer, DJ, and stage manager since 1995, and has ample experience as a promoter of rock and Tango events and stage in Buenos Aires, and worked in Miami, FL. for various local bands and TV shows as a music designer. Rodrigo resides in Chicago IL since 2002 , where he has been working in the integration of audio and visual arts using his sound and light design skills. As a native Uruguayan, Rodrigo began discovering his origins by exploring tango music. His passion for Tango music has lead him to acquire an extensively impressive collection of music. He has been DJ in some of the most prominent Tango Milongas in the US, including Chicago, IL., Miami, FL, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA., San Francisco, CA., San Diego, CA., Sacramento, CA,. Boston, MA, NYC, Minneapolis, MN,. Detroit, MI, St Louis, MO, Washington DC,, Philadelphia, PE., Raleigh, NC, Madison, WI. Detroit, Mi. Ann Arbor, Mi. He also played Festivals and Marathons of nationally renowned such as the US Tango Festival and Championship 2013 and 2014 held in San Francisco CA., Boston Marathon 2014, 2015 & 2016 , Chicago Tango week 2015 & 2016, Shall we Dance Festival NYC 2014, Florida Tango Festival 2015, Seattle Tango Marathon 2016, Louisville Tango Festival 2016, and is schedule as the DJ for the Twin Cities Tango Marathon 2017,2 annual Florida Tango Encounter 2017,Argentine Tango USA Official Festival & Championship 2017,First Alegria Mini Tango Festival 2017,Second Louisville Tango Festival 2017

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